Momentum is proud to be working with the following startups which we hope we can help grow. Each startup has been matched with a Technical Project Manager, UI/UX Designer, a Product Manager, and a team of accompanying engineers who will work to bring the vision of these founders to fruition.


Cornerstone is a B2B platform that eliminates the use of overpriced and underused software, centralizes every aspect of a given project, and facilitates the relationship between contractors, their clients, architects, and subs.

Cornerstone Founders


Root was started by Dr. Hole whose initial vision was sprouted based on her time serving patients and the "Donut Story" which highlights the need for accurate and available translation. Root seeks to break communication barriers through an accurate, peer-reviewed, voice-first medical translation platform enabling understanding between patients and providers.

Root Founders


TipX is a review, rating, and tipping web application that enables employees to receive recognition on their customer service performance while helping them earn contactless tips through QR code technology.

TipX Founders


Tuktuk is a super affordable, safe, and convenient alternative to the likes of Uber and Lyft. Tuktuk redefines carpooling through their platform which provides convenient and scheduled carpooling between hubs or Austin hotspots which cover the most popular student travel routes.

Tuktuk Founders

Alois Software

Alois Software Software is a digital health platform that hopes to redefine at-home caregiving with an all in one web app with features like a community board that fosters conversations around what motivates caregivers, a learning dashboard which informs caregivers on up to date and credible information, and a marketplace which serves a consolidated hub of services and other resources caretakers can access.

Alois Software Founders