We inspire more students to become entrepreneurs by enabling them to experience entrepreneurship first-hand through working with startups.


Being a founder is hard. We get it. That's why we equip student founders with the community, resources, and guidance they need to build the future now.


To create a vibrant entrepreneurship scene on campus

Being an entrepreneur is impossible alone. That's why we want to connect students together who are interested and invested in entrepreneurship. We want to create an ecosystem of creatives, innovators, and builders who support, mentor, and learn from each other; and, by doing so, we aim to be the hub for student entrepreneurship on campus.

Our Values

1. Bias towards action

We believe in the importance of testing and failing quickly. One should prioritize taking action towards their goal through by experiment with ideas and iterating on them.

2. The best idea wins

All ideas are accepted and welcomed at Momentum and said ideas are open to disagreement and questioning.

3. Make an exception for epic

If one believes in an idea, person, or company strongly and passionately, we will make an exception to include that entity as a part of our team.

Who We Are

Texas Momentum is the largest student-run startup accelerator at UT. We are a community of creatives, entrepreneurs, and developers who build and launch startups.

What We Do

We run a 10-week program that connects startup founders with product managers, software engineers, and UI/UX designers to build, launch, and scale their venture.

We transform student-led startups from good to great.

Enable the next generation of entrepreneurs to build and launch startups.